LawBox Refund Policy

Please note that once we start working on your project, we are unable to offer any refund to you. We charge money for covering our expenses for contacting, drafting, preparing and sending documents & providing legal advice to you. Sometimes inspite of our best efforts you may not get the desired outcome but in such cases, we deem that we have provided our services satisfactorily and have done everything possible to assist you in the matter.

As we offer basic services free and only charge money to cover expenses of providing paid services, so we are unable to offer any refund on your purchase. We do not under any circumstances issue refunds for paid services. This is non-refundable since it is not returnable. Please check the description of the service properly, before buying it and paying for it. We have no obligation to provide you a refund in following situations like:

- You do not want it after you have purchased & paid;

- Your matter got resolved after purchasing;

- The service did not meet your expectations;

- You simply change your mind;

- You purchased any service by mistake; or

- You do not have sufficient time & knowledge to use the service or the help provided.